Experience Flanders

Travelling is not just about seeing things. Travelling is engaging all your senses and absorbing all those impressions of taste and smell, the colours and the music of life in the streets, the uniqueness of the local culture...

The bourgundian nature of the Flemish explains why the local gastronomy, the chocolates, the countless varieties of local brews, its fashion, design and diamonds are of world renown: the locals love what they do - and they do it well!

And if you're looking for a unique twist to travel, follow in the footsteps of famous comic strip characters, or set up your tent at any of the many festival sites.

So take your time, and be surprised by all the good things Flanders has to offer!

The good life

The northern region of Belgium is a little pocket of easy-to-reach towns and cities, which offer so much more than just beautiful squares, magnificent medieval architecture, cobbled streets and museums. Come for the fabulous food, buzzing bars and lively nightlife. Come for both classic and contemporary art. And, if that’s not temptation enough, come for the shopping: cutting-edge fashion, speciality foods, antiques, diamonds and possibly the world’s most delectable chocolates.

If you’re looking for the good things in life, it’s all right here!